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Marriage & Couples Counseling NYC - Flatiron

Marriage and Couples Counseling that you can count on to be what you need get you through this troubled period in your life. Highly rated in New York City, Manhattan's own Stephanie Vanden Bos, has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. Flatiron District.

Marriage & Couple Counseling

People often enter therapy because they are struggling with difficult emotional circumstances and relationships.  Most are trying to make sense of problematic thoughts and feelings and straining to figure out how they fit into the world around them and with the people in their lives.  They are looking for new perspectives on managing their conflicts and generating a deeper sense of friendship and intimacy in their lives.

Some people come in for short term help and to develop tools & strategies to get them through a particularly painful time.  Others seek a more intensive longer term approach, which involves a more in depth exploration of problematic life patterns.  Regardless of what brings you in you can expect a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that facilitates problem solving, growth and insight.  My style is highly personalized to address your need for personal development as well as symptom relief. Everybody deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life that includes a meaningful relationship with oneself and also with others. 


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